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We are all volunteers making something from nothing for those in New Zealand who have nothing. Here you will find all the free CPP resources to help inspire your young people. Can you spare a few dollars to help CPPNZ reach all those in need in New Zealand? Thank you for your support!

“I wish these survival blankets and Chip Packet Project had been around when I was on the living street. ”

Panga John​


What Makes CPP Different​

Below are posters, instructional material, a lesson plan and graphics to help teach your young people about homelessness and caring for the environment. Please be in touch to let us know how your group went
– we LOVE seeing the photos!!

We’re On A Mission
Of Big Changes. rethinking foil as a reusable resource


Need to be raised


Volunteers Required across the country, can you Help?


need Foil Fusion groups


new zeanders need
survival blankets