We are all volunteers Together making something out of nothing, for those that have nothing

Living on the Street, Living in Cars or Garages, Affected by Flooding – CPPNZ Thermal Survival Blankets making a difference to the 69000 (according to MSD) that are in need of a warm nights sleep this winter.


Being involved with Chip Packet Projects…

Helps The Environment – rethinking foil as a reusable resource and not destine for landfill
Helps Those In Need – our survival blankets offer a warm nights sleep
Brings People Together – to make and create items which helps combats loneliness and gives life purpose.


It will take $297k this year to fund this charity to support those in need throughout NZ. Help us get these thermal survival blankets to those in need this winter by donating whatever you can.


Survival Blankets Distributed throughout NZ since 2022.​


New Volunteer Area Coordinator positions throughout NZ need to be filled. – can you help?


You Can Help the Many By Donating A Little​

  • Aug Update 2023

A Roller Ironer could be a game changer to increasing productivity

Getting the single use plastic onto the foil blankets is a critical part in the thermal survival blanket making process. The fusion of the plastic by volunteers takes up to 90 minutes! With the help of this machine we can reduce this manual labor time down to just 15mins! Your donation will help get this machine into action and directly impact on keeping more people warm. Thank you!

Terrena Griffiths


  • Update – 17th Jan 2024

The First Blanket Party for 2024… Save the Date 23/02

Friends in Auckland Central! Join the Volunteers at St Philips’ Anglican Church, St Heliers for a fusion party

DATE: FRIDAY 23rd February
TIME: From 9am – 5pm
ADDRESS: 92 St Heliers Bay Rd, St Heliers

Everything to help you get fusing is provided. Bring your hands and your friends for a couple of hours or the full day. Your gift of time is greatly appreciate!

Terrena Griffiths​


  • February 2023

Flooding, Cyclones plus a Looming Ecomonic crisis​ – People are hurting

Read the latest article on New Zealand’s situation – its not a pretty read
Cyclone Figures Released

Jessie Ladbrook​


  • March 2022 and March 2023 it is sooooo sad there has been no change in the data…

22,000 NZ children are Reported to not know where their next meal is coming from ​

Check out the shocking news in the Child Poverty Report released by the Government in 2022 – in 2023 nothing has changed!

Jessie Ladbrook​


Coming soon…Hear PJ’s (Cowboy) story – a man who has lived on the street

Hear Pj’s (Cowboys) story – A man who has lived on the street

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Build Great Futures
With A Great Charity​

1. An Environmental Reason – It takes 80yrs for foil packaging to decompose in landfill
2. A Matter of Social Care – there are over 100,000 people in New Zealand who will need a thermal survival blanket to have a warm nights sleep this winter.


Your Contribution Can Help Achieve A Solution​

Meet our CPPNZ Friend Spud 🙂

“Having a warm nights sleeps set me up so much better for the next day. A Thermal Survival Blanket made by the Team at CPPNZ has been a life saver”

CPPNZ Friend, Spud​

“I am struggling to pay for all my weekly bills as it is. Putting any additional money to heating the home is not going to be an option. Having a thermal survival blanket gives me and my children nice, warm nights sleep. Thanks Team!”​

CPPNZ Spud, ​

“I lost everything is the floods. A CPPNZ thermal survival blanket has helped give us a warm nights sleep as our family gets back on their feet.”​

PJ, Cowboy​

“The warmth is immedate! I wish I had had one of these 30yrs ago when I was on the street.”​


Your gift of time Can Help Achieve A Solution​. Join the team today

Terrena Griffiths​


Jessie Ladbrook​

Dunedin Volunteer Area Coordinator

Margaret Ubels-Rattray

Volunteer – Taupo

Harita Gandhi-Kashyap

Wellington (Johnsonville) Volunteer Area Coordinator

Mil Milenkovic​

Wellington (Porirua) Volunteer Area Coordinator


Position Vacant -Volunteer​ Area Coordinator


Position Vacant – Volunteer​ Area Coordinator

Hawke’s Bay

Position Vacant – Volunteer Area Coordinator​

CPPNZ is On A Mission Of Big Changes.

Helping People right here in New Zealand.

Below are Chip Packet Projects aspirations for 2024.
Get involved today. We need your help!


Needed to operate Nationwide


VOLUNTEERS needed throughout NZ


Foil Collection Points required to cover all of NZ


Fusion Group to be established making thermal survival blankets