We are all volunteers Together making something out of nothing, for those that have nothing

There are 102,000 Kiwis (according to StatsNZ)
Living on the Street, Living in Cars or Garages right here in New Zealand that are IN NEED of a warm nights sleep THIS WINTER
Chip Packet Project NZ Thermal Blankets make a difference.
We need your help.


Being involved with Chip Packet Project NZ…

Helps The Environment – rethinking foil as a reusable resource and saving years in landfill. Every foil linned packet that goes into the bin can take up to 80 yrs to decompose – thanks shocking! By rethinking foil as a reusable resource, it can be transformed to make amazing thermal products )like blankets) that may help protect a life
Helps Those In Need – With the figures on the increase, at the moment there are over 102,000 people who are living in tough situations across New Zealand. Our thermal survival blankets and other creations offer those in need in New Zealand a warm nights sleep
Brings People Together – Individuals from all different walks of life, gather together at Fusion events around the country to make and create items with foil, which in turn helps combats loneliness and gives life purpose – sensational

Your Donation can help Chip Packet Project get blankets into the hands of those who need them.


Last year 500 Survival Blankets where distributed throughout NZ. With your help the target for 2024…1500 blankets! That 500 blankets took over 20,000hrs of volunteer arhoa to make. We are grateful to the value our volunteers bring to the project


The target for 2024…1500 blankets! And we need your help to make this happen.


Figures released in Feb 2024

Approximately 63,600 children experienced severe material hardship in the 2022/23 financial year. That is 1 in every 18 children, or 5.5% of New Zealand children. Compared to the previous year, there was an increase of 1.5 percentage points or about 17,600 more children in severe material hardship – shocking!

Read the full report from the NZ Child Poverty Action Group here

Through your financial support of Chip Packet Project you can help get a blanket to those in need, providing them with a warm nights sleep.

  • JUNE 2024

Can you help us get blankets to those in need? Its Getting Cold Out There!

Applying for grants/funding is hard work. Chip Packet Project is reliant on your donations to help send blankets around the country.

Your donation of $24 puts a box of 8x blankets into the hands of those in need anywhere in the North Island through our partner Social Service Agencies.

Your donation of $66 means 13x blankets can be distributed in the hands of those in need of a warm nights sleep in any town in the South Island.

Your donation of $571 keeps the lights on and fusion in action for Chip Packet Project for another month.

Please help Chip Packet Project NZ to help someone right here in New Zealand have a warm nights sleep today.

Thank you!

Terrena Griffiths


  • Update – June 2024

FOIL FUSION FRIDAY (or thursdays) Auckland Events June 2024

Organised community opportunities for fusing are in Auckland this month with private or corporate events happening around the rest of the Motu.

Not in Auckland – no problem! Your gift of time is greatly appreciate! Check out YouTube on how you could be fusing strips at home – it really helps! Send in your strips to CPPNZ HQ 26 Tuhimata St, Saint Heliers, Auckland PC 1071

AUCKLAND – a community event in partnership with St Philips’ Anglican Church, St Heliers
DATE: Friday 7th OR Thursday 27th.
TIME: From 10am – 5pm
ADDRESS: 92 St Heliers Bay Road, St Heliers

Saturday 15th June – Repair Cafe
Join the CPPNZ Team at the ZeroWaste Hub – Localise, 153 Pilkington Road, Glen Innes 10am-2pm

Terrena Griffiths​


  • June 2024

If Between the March 2020 and March 2024 quarters, household living costs rose by around 21%-24% How do people afford to heat their homes. For over 110,000 households, getting their hands on a Chip Packet Thermal blanket may just be the answer

Many of the cost increases recorded in the Stats NZ’s Household living-costs price indexes (HLPIs) have been on essentials such as interest payments (up 89% between the March 2020 and March 2024 quarters across all households), insurance (up 31%), food (up 23%), petrol (up 31%), and rent (up 19%). As our recent analysis shows, households have been changing their spending pattens as a result of higher costs, focusing more on the essentials. Read the full report here

Jessie Ladbrook​


  • Lets look deeper as to why rethinking foil as a reusable resource can help with climate change

Flooding August 2022 in Nelson. Flooding in Auckland and Gisborne 2023. We have witnessed the direct impact of climate change on our homes and livelihoods already and what can we be doing to help? In NZ Kiwis spend (on average) $150million on packets of chips every year. Not to mention how much we spend on biscuits or healthy crackers. There is an enormous amount of foil waste going into landfill EVERY YEAR! Our relationship with our land and the impact it has on us is bigger than just providing us with resources and services. Our relationship and connections with the land also support our physical, mental and emotional health, our way of life and cultural identity. The Ministry for the Environment has released the ‘Our Land 2024” report. You can help our land by helping Chip Packet Project NZ keep foil packets out of landfill.

Jessie Ladbrook​


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Build Great Futures
With A Great Charity​

1. An Environmental Reason – It takes 80yrs for foil packaging to decompose in landfill
2. A Matter of Social Care – there are over 102,000 people in New Zealand who will need a thermal survival blanket to have a warm nights sleep this winter.


Your Contribution Can Help Achieve A Solution​

Meet our CPPNZ Friend Spud 🙂

“Having a warm nights sleeps set me up so much better for the next day. A Thermal Blanket made by the Team at CPPNZ has been a life saver”

CPPNZ Friend, Spud​

“I am struggling to pay for all my weekly bills as it is. Putting any additional money to heating the home is not going to be an option. Having a thermal blanket gives me and my children nice, warm nights sleep. Thanks Team!”​

CPPNZ Spud, ​

“I lost everything is the floods. A CPPNZ thermal blanket has helped give us a warm nights sleep as our family gets back on their feet.”​

PJ, Cowboy​

“The warmth is immedate! I wish I had had one of these 30yrs ago when I was on the street.”​


Your gift of time Can Help Achieve A Solution​. Join the team today

Terrena Griffiths​

Volunteer​ National Coordinator

Jessie Ladbrook​

Dunedin Volunteer Area Coordinator

Margaret Ubels-Rattray

Volunteer – Taupo


Position Vacant – Volunteer Area Coordinator