Your donation will help get A Thermal Blanket or Street Survival pack Directly to someone in need, in New Zealand

– There are currently over 102,000 men, women and children in need of these thermal blankets in New Zealand. Your donation will help get a blanket directly into the hands of those in need.

– Each thermal blanket is created by hand and takes at least 4hrs to make. Your donation with help to speed up the process through the purchase of new equipment. Meaning more blankets made and distributed in a quicker time.

– Each thermal product that is made (and there are 12 different products in total that are made including sleeping bag covers, blankets and pillows) is good for the planet. When each foil packet can take over 80yrs to decompose, your donation will be used to help keep foil packets out of the landfill and give each transformed foil packet a more purposeful life


Volunteers in action from around New Zealand